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Estate Planning

Ensure that your loved ones are aware of your wishes with estate planning. Make an appointment with an attorney at Krentz, Salfisberg & Swanson Haggard P.C. in Plano, IL, to begin the process. We will review your estate with you and create a plan that addresses wills, trusts, power of attorney, and more.

Will and Testament document

Plan for the Future

Maximize the value of your estate with a thorough estate plan. Estate planning includes a will to ensure your assets go where you intend, a trust to protect your loved ones financially, and powers of attorney to act on your behalf.

wills and trusts, estate planning, Plano IL

Wills & Trusts

Make your wishes regarding the distribution of your property known with a will. Your will should express your desires for how to distribute belongings such as vehicles, property, investments, special jewelry, etc. It also allows you to provide financially for minor children and to direct your assets as you see fit.

A trust safeguards your wealth and saves on probate fees. It allows a trustee of your choice to hold assets on behalf of a beneficiary. There are several options for trusts. Call 630-552-8213 to discuss your options for wills and trusts today.

estate planning, power of attorney, Plano IL

Powers of Attorney

Powers of Attorney (POA) allows an individual to act on your behalf in the event you are unable to do so. This may include business affairs, finances, and other legal matters. Ask us about POA during your wills and trusts meeting.

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